Saturday, 14 February 2015

Overlooking Newport Beach

Throughout the vast state of California, Newport Beach
remains one of the most overlooked cities.  The city
of Newport Beach is actually a very charming island,
with great beaches and a peninsula.  With all of it's
charms, it remains overlooked by tourists and those
looking for an ideal vacation spot.

Lying cradled within the Balboa Peninsula, the seven
islands that make up Newport Beach happen to have some
of the most expensive real estate in California.  Many
of the homes here are 1.5 million and up!  When you
consider that many are surrounded by small yacht harbors
and a peaceful yet tranquil environment, you know the
price of the homes are more than well worth it.

If you live in California, you can find Newport Beach just
off Pacific Coast Highway in beautiful Orange County.  Simply
take CA 55 south from I-5 to Newport Blvd.  Or, you can
also take CA 1 at Newport Blvd. After a short travel, the
Newport Blvd. will turn into Balboa Blvd. and eventually
take you down the middle of the island.

Whether you live in California or just outside of it,
Newport Beach is one place you should visit.  Once you
visit this overlooked treasure, you'll probably find yourself
wondering why you didn't visit sooner.  Take our word
for it - Newport Beach is simply "that good".

Newport Beach Nightlife

No matter what you go in California, you'll quickly
discover that very few cities can capture the night
life quite like Newport Beach.  Although the area
is one of the most overlooked, it's beaming with
water sports, activities, things to see, and one
heck of a nightlife.  When most areas are winding
down, Newport Beach is just getting started!

From dancing to the beats of Latin rhythms to high
energy rock and roll, Newport Beach provides cutting
edge entertainment for the lovers of the night.  With
hip restaurants and trendy oyster bars, the Little
Inn by the Bay provides its fair share of helping
you enjoy the night.

With plenty of things around the area, Newport Beach
has you covered year round.  There are plenty of bars
to visit at night as well, many of them offering several
big screen televisions, games, and even pool tables for
those who love playing.  Clubs are a great attraction
as well, especially those that are located along the
Newport Bay area.

For day and nightlife, Newport Beach has everything
you need for an excellent vacation.  You don't have
to go to bed at a decent hour when you're here - as
Newport Beach encourages you to get out there and
do what you want - when you want.

Newport Beach Food And Wine Festival

If you enjoy exotic yet superb food and great wine,
the Newport Beach Food and Wine Festival is where
you need to be.  Lasting a weekend long, the festival
is held annually at the Balboa Bay Club.  Normally
held the first week of May, this is the perfect time
to visit Newport Beach.

Although you won't need martinis at the festival, you
can bet on some of the best wineries in California
being on hand to pour their distinctive wines.  You
should also come hungry as well, as the food is to
die for.

On a typical night, you can find mounds of shrimp, a
variety of oysters, fish, pasta, and many other types
of seafood and exotic treats.  Along with the wine,
this festival is a great attraction to Newport Beach.

A highlight for the festival is the cognac and cigar
seminar, provided by Martel Cognac and Hamilton Cigars.
During the seminar you can sip superb cognac while
learning all about them.  Also, you can learn all
about fine cigars as well.

During May, the Newport Beach Food and Wine Festival
is reason enough to visit the area.  There are plenty
of other things to do and see as well.  If you love
food, wine, and the water - Newport Beach is the place
to be in May.

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Picture million dollar yachts, kayaks, electric boats
and other watercrafts gliding through the Newport
Harbor - and you have the Newport Beach Christmas
Boat Parade.  The parade features dazzling holiday
lights that light up the bay, amazing the nearly
one million visitors that crowd Newport Beach and
Newport Harbor.

From December 18 - 22, there are more than 200 vessels
participating in this holiday celebration.  Several
of these vessels will be decorated for the season,
playing music and displaying Christmas decorations
and costumed carolers.  In the past, some yacht
owners have spent as much as 50,000 dollars in
decorations for their yacht.

Over the course of 14 miles, the yachts and watercraft
will amaze the spectators.  For more than 90 years,
the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has dazzled
spectators and locals.  All along the beach, the parade
provides views for restaurants, locals, private home
owners, and even those on public beaches.

Along with the private boats, many charter companies
offer the chance for parade goers to participate in
the parade and view the "Ring of Lights", a group of
spectacular homes all around the harbor.  The "Ring of
Lights" is a popular addition to the parade, with
prizes given for those who have the best decorations
on their homes.

Newport Beach Beauty

With beautiful sunsets, picture-perfect beaches, and
a harbor that houses some of the biggest yachts, Newport
Beach California is truly an amazing place.  Perfectly
situated in Orange County, Newport Beach can be considered
both relaxing and ritzy.

The harbor features many small islands and also houses
several museums and attractions like the Newport Pier.  As
far as things to do here, surfing, volleyball, and romantic
walks along the pier can help to fill the void.  Surfing is
quite renowned here, as surfers can get truly bone shattering
waves from the boats that go by.

Nightlife at the Beach is no secret either, as there are
many different restaurants and clubs.  During the day, there
are many different amusement parks and arcade games.  For
the kids, Newport Beach is truly an amazing vacation.

Those of you who want to visit the past, shouldn't hesitate
to visit the Balboa Pavilion, which was built in 1904.  The
Pavilion houses many dances, and still proves to be an
inspiring Victorian structure - even to this very day.

For a tourist attraction or just a place to get away from the
pressure of life, Newport Beach is breathtaking.  The harbor
has something for everyone, even the hard to please.