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Your First Aid Checklist When Camping in France

When planning out your camping in France venture, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is always better to have a checklist of things and items that you must bring along with you, especially at situations where you will be far from home.

If you are a frequent traveler, you may already have strict rules as to what and what not to bring during the course of your trip. As much as you want to be equipped with what you may need at dire times during your travel, you should also aim to carry out only the essentials so that you won't have a hard time carrying your luggage around.

Experience Camping

France is an ideal location for this purpose. This offers comfortable accommodation package deals at prices you can afford. To prove its popularity among tourists, the country's government rates their campgrounds much like how they do it with hotels, through the use of star ratings. But this is still not a complete guarantee because there are sites that garnered higher ratings but still appear like run of the mill to their visitors.

To be very sure about what you will get into, it is recommended that you research about the locations before you book yourself in. As much as possible, gather as much information that you can get on various websites that feature different campsites with testimonials and reviews from people who have tried them out.

The amount that you have to allot on the venture depends on the kind of accommodation that you want to experience. The price may range from few Euros up to about 500 if you opt to rent out a bungalow for 6 persons in a week. There are sites where you can use electricity for free, while some may charge an extra of about 4 Euros for this purpose.

The budget also depends on the season. You should expect the prices for camping to be more expensive during the peak tourist season that happens in July to August. These are the months when sites feature more than what you can get on regular days, like nightly shows, grocery, stand-by medical practitioners and many more.

First Aid Checklist

It will be best to prepare for the worst when you engage yourself at camping activities, especially when you have your whole family with you. You should be prepared to handle minor mishaps that could happen because of the excitement and unfamiliarity that surround the location. Usually, if you have kids with you, you must be able to handle scrapes and cuts. To make sure that you will be able to emerge fit for all the challenges that you will be faced with during your trip, here are some more things that you can add up on your first aid checklist.

1. Medicines for headaches, muscle pains and anti-diarrhea. You should also bring the pills that you use if you have allergies and the likes.

2. Antiseptic ointments and creams.

3. Pointed tools like knife and tweezers. You must also bring your own scissors.

4. Lotions and creams intended for sunburn relief.

5. Different sizes of gauze and bandages.

6. Rinse solutions and sterile wipes to avoid infection when anyone of your family members got hurt.

When you have everything in place on your first aid kit, you will be able to enjoy and get the most out of your camping in France quest.

What to Expect When Renting a Mobile Home While Camping in France

There was a time that camping was all about sleeping in a tent. These days, you can rent a mobile home and still be close to nature if you decide to go camping in France.

To rent a mobile home for your camping trip, you need to do some research first to find out how much it costs and what is available. You can do this by yourself and while online, you might be able to get special deals and rates if you make a reservation and pay the down payment.  Take note that the rate changes depending on the season and this is all in Euro not US dollar.

If you don’t have time to look for a mobile home to rent, you can ask your travel agent who is already working on your travel arrangements. Since you are still across the Atlantic, keep in mind that reservations can only be made using a major credit card.

The size of the mobile home varies so you can find out that can house 4 people while there are bigger ones that can house double that number.

Part of what you pay already includes the electrical and water charges as well as a car. If the place you will be staying in is far from the airport, you can choose to have the car waiting in the parking lot with instructions of how to get to the mobile home.

What is not included in the price when you are looking around is are transportation, meals and personal expenses, the provision of bed linen and towels, the cleaning, local tax and bond which is payable on the spot and cancellation insurance.

Since the mobile home is empty, you can bring some of the items all the way from the US or buy it from hypermarkets or supermarkets along the way.

If you would like bed and linen, this is available for rent but you have to request for this while making your reservation.

To do that, make sure that your driver’s license is valid. You will be happy to know that you don’t have to get an international driver’s license since the American driver’s license will do in western European countries. So while you are still in the US, make sure this is still valid. If not, you better have it renewed before you leave so there won’t be any problems if ever you get pulled over.

To be safe, be aware of European street signs and driving laws before you get behind the wheel. It should be pointed out that the auto accident fatality rate in Europe is about four times higher than that in the United States.

Renting a mobile home is not very hard and you can do this on your own or with the help of a travel agent. In the end, you still save money because the rates are still much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

If you enjoyed staying a in a mobile home while camping in France, you are sure to do this again in the foreseeable future. With over 10,000 camp sites all across the country, you are sure to find another which is just as good as this one or maybe even better.

What To See When Camping In France

Why do campers flock to France? Well, probably the same reason why campers go out in the first place. They like to enjoy nature and have a great time outdoors. Now, France offers a whole bunch of choices for campers. From the most basic campsites which actually have nothing but the ground and trees, to the so called star rated campsites which have additional amenities that offer a certain level of comfort to campers, France has them. In fact there are even four-starred campsites which have luxurious restaurants, swimming pools and even perfect and picturesque landscaping. It all depends on what you when to see when you go camping in France.

Be warned, however, that because of the number of campers who flock to France, campsites actually accept advance reservations. If you found a good place, then it would be best to contact the campsite management and arrange something so you won’t have problems with a site later.

Also be aware that July and August are the peak holiday months where guests, tourists and locals alike will take time pitching their tents and enjoying the great outdoors. These two months are indeed the peak season and you should learn to book early pretty much like hotels in the cities.

What you see in your campsite will usually depend of the location. There are sites near the beaches that give campers a pretty much good view of the sea. Activities that involve the sea and water can be organized by the campers themselves. Meanwhile, campsites located inland have hills, valleys, vineyards, trees, shrubs and mountain rivers as their sceneries. Mountain scenes are more prominent in the western parts of France.

Adding to the coastal or mountain scenes are the old towns surrounding or near the campsites. The fascinating towns and villages are a great plus for campers. These towns are added attractions.

Other sites feature full entertainment facilities. A night of dancing and singing are normal in these kinds of camps. Some others will have comfortable beds and a communal dining area where hosts or the camp management will serve meals which can be part of the camp fees collected from campers. Those with a great mountain or forest trail offer hiking activities that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. There are campsites with swimming pools that rival those from top resorts.

Amateur, hobbyists and even professional photographers alike will have a field day when they go camping in France. The flora and fauna in the campsites, the culture and picturesque landscape and townscapes are more than enough subjects for the cameras of campers. France is a good place as any to practice photography and other art forms like sketching, painting, and the like.

Regardless of the kinds of activities and amenities available in various campsites, one thing is certain when you go camping in France. You’ll find that generally, the camping experience is a well organized and in fact a well-established practice. You will find campsites that are well maintained and offer quality services for all campers.

What you see when camping in France is an experience like no other. Whether you love the outdoors or not, if given an opportunity to camp in France make sure to not let that chance to pass you by.

Grab the opportunity and enjoy the experience.

Various Ways to Enjoy Camping in France

Camping in France may be something that you want to experience, hence your thorough research about the place and the activities that you can do while on it. You are going to spend money in the process. You might as well use it to make the most out of your trip. If you are still clueless about the activities that you can engage into while at it, it is never too late to learn about it.

While you are at home or maybe during your break time at work, you can start browsing the Internet for the information that it can provide you with about the activity. You can familiarize yourself with different campgrounds available in the area where you will be staying during your visit. You may want to check out the sites' ratings that are being given by its government based on many factors including amenities and freebies.

If you are on a tight budget but you still don't want to miss the opportunity to experience this quest, you must avoid accomplishing your plans during the peak season for tourists who have heard about the good and exciting things about France, specifically about camping. You must not book yourself during the months of July to August because reservations may be higher because at these times, campgrounds add utilities, facilities, sight s and activities to how they usually handle business.

After you have gained enough knowledge and you think that you are ready to pursue what you want to do, the next thing that you must bear in mind is that you have to enjoy the whole process. This can be achieved by thinking ahead as to how this can be accomplished. There are many ways and many things that you can do to make your trip fun and something you will always be reminded about. To help you accomplish such goal, here are the things that you must remember.

1. Know as much information about the location. This is how you will start your planning stage about the activity. By researching about it, you will learn how you will go about your camping trip. You will not miss out on the happenings and you would want to check out on the things that you have been informed about through your research.

2. Meet new people. Experiencing something new is a challenge but can also lead to some fun and adventure. To make your trip more fun as well as memorable, you must try to meet new friends, people who can share with you their inputs regarding the adventure and other things that you may also want to know about.

3. Bring in family or friends. Share the experience with the people whom you care about. By coming into the place in groups, you will be able to explore more about various activities that you will not dare do if you have come alone.

4. Take lots of picture. You must try to capture as many memories that you may want to be reminded about your trip to France. This can be achieved by getting photos of the locations and spots you've been into or the people whom you have met while camping out. You can choose to keep the photos.

You can also share those to other people who are interested about camping in France.

Things You Should Know About Cooking While Camping in France

Before you go camping in France, one of the things you will need to prepare for is the food that you will be eating in the next few days. If you think buying them from the grocery is all that it takes, think again.

One way to save time in cooking is to prepare these meals at home and then just reheat it when everyone is hungry. Bring a long a cover pot to heat it faster. This will save on fuel and make sure dirt and insects do not get into your food.  While some of the food can be kept in plastic containers, the rest can be packed using zip lock bags.

Making a fire takes time so instead bring a long a small oven. Since this comes with a gas canister, be sure this is kept upright at all times and in a well ventilated area. Before you put it in the car, check for leaks by putting soap liquid. When it is not being used, turn it off.

To protect your pots and pans from any fire damage, apply liquid soap on the outside putting over the fire. If you will be out camping for a few days, you better apply oil to prevent food from sticking.

Since burnt food happens in the kitchen, you are sure that this will also happen when you are camping. To clean the pan, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover the bottom and then bring to a boil.

While you are eating, put a pan of hot water over the fire so you will have an easy time cleaning up after everyone is done. Another option will be to bring a large coffee pot. That way, you can also serve coffee or hot chocolate.

You may want to drink something cold while you are camping so buy block ice instead of cube ice. Be sure to also put this inside a cooler so it does not melt together with any other refreshments you decide to bring like juices and sodas. Since you will be opening the cooler very often to get good compared to drinks, better separate the two and put one in another cooler.

It will also be a good idea to bring aluminum foil since these are great for mixing meats and vegetables as well as for cooking and cleanup. To prevent them from burning and keeping it moist, apply some ice.

Certain dishes are not the same without seasoning. If you need to bring some along, use the squeeze bottle versions because these are easier to use. If ever these get hard, shake it and then watch it come out.

On the last day of camping, cook over any left over meats and vegetables by mixing this into an omelet. This is because you can mix almost anything with it and you reduce the amount of leftovers you have to take back home.

Cooking and camping in France should not be a problem now that you know what to do even before you get to the camp site. If this is your first time and you had a blast, you can do it again not only with family but also with friends.

The Reasons Campers Go To France

Because of the wine. Well not really, but consider the wine as an added bonus. You see France is one of the top destinations of campers because simply put, the country is rich with natural resources that make any outdoor activity like camping truly worthwhile. One of the reasons campers go to France is the natural grandeur or the place. From coastal views to mountain scenes, from a valley of vineyards to a forested mountain hike pass, France has the variety that campers look for.

Camping season in France usually begins at the month of May and end around September. The peak months are July and August. The weather during this time is quite warm which is most ideal for camping. But there are areas in France were the weather is warm and nice, all you need is to target these places if you want to go camping and can only go outside the May to September optimal months.

The reasons why you might want to go camping outside the best months is to avoid the rush of campers. Actually, you even if you go during the peak months, you probably will find a great camping place. There are thousands of camping sites in France, each has its own charm, personality and allure. Sometimes, the smaller campsites are even better than the more popular ones.

The great thing about camping in France is having the opportunities to do a variety of outdoor activities. You see when you select a coastal campsite, you have a bunch of water activities to choose from. A mountain camping ground will open up opportunities like hiking and exploring the rivers that flow from the mountain. Even if you camp down in the valley or the countryside, you have various farm activities and there are even things to do near vineyards.

Not to mention the diversity of the towns nearby the campsites. The rich cultural heritage of the towns, the houses and buildings are quite an interesting thing to see. The food is often quite exquisite as well so the dining experience is a great bonus to the overall camping experience.

A large group of campers in a campsite is also a good opportunity for campers to hold activities. Story telling around the campfire at night is a good sharing and bonding experience for the campers. Other group activities can also arise from sharing campsite with other families or groups. Sometimes, the owners of the camping ground or camp managers will organize the activities where campers can participate.

Aside from the villages in the area another good reason for camping in France is sightseeing among the numerous medieval castles in the area. You will find a number of them, castles that you have only seen in TV and movies so far you can appreciate with all its majestic grandeur. Refer to some camping guide books to see what other attractions can be found in a selected campsite. Some attractions might just be within the camp or in nearby towns. Explore and enjoy the possibilities.

Nature and culture are among the best known reasons why people go camping in France. The fact that they can enjoy both is an experience worth having. Campers can go around the country and enjoy the diversity each campsite can offer. Each time you go camping in France, the experience will always be rewarding.

Tent Options When Camping In France

Camping in France is a good experience. For campers, they usually bring their own tents but some campsites can provide the tents. There are different kinds of tents for you to use. What varies is usually the size depending on the number of people who are going to use them. The tent options available when camping in France is not too different from camping anywhere else, it all depends on your needs.

France is blessed with miles of beaches, rich valleys and scenic mountains. It is a perfect camping ground for tourists and locals alike. Some would argue, of course, but with thousands of camping sites scattered all over the country, who would claim otherwise. Okay, in general the landscape might not be the perfect camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts or camping purists, but still a good number of campers are enjoying themselves in France.

Being the third largest country in Europe and having such a diverse landscape, it is no wonder why people enjoy staying outdoors in this vast country. And as an added grandeur to the wonderful landscape, the rich culture and the history of towns and villages have created a very interesting place.

You can get a single or double size tent if you go camping in France. These kinds are readily available in any outdoor shops. You practically have a variety of brands and features to choose from. But, regardless of the brands these are basic tents and are quite ideal if you’re traveling alone or in pairs. Traveling alone is a pretty lonely thing to do especially if you’re going to a place as beautiful as France. You definitely need someone to share the experience with.

If you’re going with a larger group, your whole family perhaps, a larger tent would be required. There are family size tents available in sports or camping shops as well but you can make your own from cheaper materials. It may not be as stylish as the ones commercially available but it still as effective. The same tent can be folded and loaded in your car and can be set up when you arrived at the campsite. Since you’re going camping in France, you will be more conscious on the cost effectiveness of your trip which is why making your own tents is another way to save some cash on your trip.

Aside from tent camping though, France also offers some areas where mobile caravans or mobile homes are the main forms of accommodations in campsites. Mobile homes can be rented for weeks and can be used to travel all around the country. With the amenities included in the mobile caravan, a certain degree of comfort is being provided to the campers. To some this is a better way of spending their vacation in France. To each his own as they say. Some would prefer the comfort over the absolute outdoor experience.

But one more kind of camping accommodation that is being offered in some campsites in France is the built in tent camp facility. These are campsites where you actually need to book in advance to make sure that you have a tent to go to when you arrive. These kinds of campsites are a little exclusive with a whole bunch of amenities that will help make your holiday as comfortable as possible. You might have to pay something extra because of the added services.

You have several tent options when you go camping in France. You can either bring your own, settle with a mobile caravan, or go to campsites that have their own camping facilities.

With the right planning and the proper budgeting, you will be able to determine which kind of camping accommodation to go for.

Safety Should Be Your Main Concern When Camping in France

Safety should be your main concern when camping in France or any other country. This is because the dangers that lurk which could turn the vacation into a nightmare.

Wherever you set up camp or hike, there is a chance that you will encounter some wild animals. It could be a deer or a wild boar and although they may look harmless from a distance, they can attack if they are territorial and protective.

So keep your distance and stay as quite as possible when you are near them. You should not try to feed them and keep your food stored properly so they don’t attack your camp.

Wild animals are not only the problems when you are out camping because small ones could be just as dangerous as well. If you don’t watch where you are going, you could be bitten by a critter or a snake so be mindful where you step.

During certain times of the year, you can’t help but encounter insects like ants, bees, flies and mosquitoes. Since you could have an allergic reaction, it is best to bring a first aid kit which will be useful if you also get bitten.

You should protect your skin and your eyes when you go camping. To do that, it pays to bring along a pair of sunglasses and apply sunscreen lotion. That way, you protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and avoid getting a sunburn.

If you want to do some exploring on your own, never go alone and always do this with a companion. Bring some gear like water, snacks, matches, flashlight, a map, compass and GPS unit that will come in handy if you get lost.

For families that are traveling with children, always keep them in your sight. Given them a whistle that should only be used only during an emergency.

Since you will probably be cooking some of the food for your camping trip, be careful if you are using a small stove. As you know, this is powered by a gas canister and this could explode under extreme heat. To avoid that, keep this in an upright position and in a ventilated area. Check for leaks before you buy it and turn it off when not in use.

If the gas canister is exhausted and it has to be replaced with another one, make sure removing and installing is done far away from flames and other ignition sources.

Although we have no control over the weather, we can push through with the camping trip only under fair weather conditions. To do that, check the forecast for the time that you will be out there and listen to the radio in case there are any changes.

Most campers bring a lot of food for the duration of their stay. To prevent this from spoiling, be sure to keep these cool at all times by buying blocks of ice and putting these together with your food inside the cooler.

When you start the fire to cook your food, be sure there is always someone around to guard it because if left unattended, you could start a forest fire.

Camping in France can be fun if you are able to bring the proper gear and practice safety at all times. Wherever you decide to do it, check with the authorities the rules and guidelines.

Road Trip Camping in France

You have probably heard about backpacking through Europe. Given that each country has a lot to offer, why not stay in just one and enjoy the sites. One country is Europe that is so vast is France. So with a rental car, why don’t you go on that road trip and go camping in France. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Before you drive off, you should do some planning so you know where you will be going. Naturally, this depends on how much money you have so consider how much you are willing to shell out for the entire trip.

The weather in France makes it great for camping all year long. Since you have to go back to work after the trip, you have plan how long you will be away.

There are over 10,000 campgrounds scattered all over France so you also have to know how far you will be driving and still have enough time to enjoy the campground. So you are sure that this campground is worth staying in, do some research by going online. Compare their prices and amenities because this will tell you whether to stay here or not.

Once you have decided on potential campgrounds, don’t forget to call in advance and make a reservation because you might be going during the peak season or when there is an event which means it will be pretty crowded.

People who schedule the camping trip before or after the summer season are better off because the rates are usually cut by half which means more savings. When all the arrangements have been made, you can already get a map and plan your route.

Before you head to the campground, it will be a good idea to print out the driving directions. Write down also the contact number of the place you are going so you can call if you get lost. If possible, encode all this information into your GPS unit which will reduce the odds of getting lost.

Make sure you also have all the equipment you need. This includes of course a tent, food, survival gear and a first aid kit. You can surely make a stopover at a grocery when your supplies are running low. Since you may get loss, see if you can get a GPS unit.

One thing you should know about camping in France is that you don’t always have to sleep inside a tent. The French government issues star ratings to campsites and if the rating for a certain campground is given a 4 or 5 star rating, this means you can take a dip in the swimming pool, eat in one of the restaurants or even sleep in an inn or hotel.

It should also be pointed out that camping in France is not only in the countryside but within the city itself. Believe it or not, there is a campsite inside Paris itself namely the Bois de Bologne Camp which happens to be just a few minutes away from Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower.

Who knew that a road trip and Camping in France can be done at the same time? With the right information and proper planning, you will have a great time seeing the famous landmarks and the beautiful countryside.

Nice Places to Go Camping in France

There are a lot of nice places to go camping in France. By staying in the outdoors, you get to save money rather than staying in a hotel.

One camping ground situated inside a 50 hectare manor is the Le Val de Bonnal. Despite the green grassy patches all around, this place is considered to be a heaven for water lovers as they have 4 lakes that allow you to go canoeing, swimming and wind surfing.

If you want to get some exercise, you can hike and visit the village of Bonnal. You will never get bored here because if you run out of things to do, you can check out unique activities organized for visitors.

Another camping ground is the Aluna Vacances in Ardèche that is near the town of Vallon Pont D’arc. It has a swimming pool with slides for you to cool off. For those that don’t want to swim, they can go on a canoeing trip. After dinner, you can sing your heart out at the karaoke, go dancing in the mini disco or sit and watch the live show.

Next is Le Ranc Davaine in Ardeche. As you explore the vast camping ground, you will notice the hidden valleys, majestic rocks and rivers hidden in greenness. If hiking is not your thing, you can fun and even meet new friends as you go to the aqua gym or participate in sports such as archery, volleyball and tennis.

Who said you can’t go camping near the beach? This is possible in France because of two great camping destinations to go to namely Les Sablons in Languedoc-Roussillon and Domaine de la Yole in Languedoc/Roussillon.

Both campsites have a sandy beach so your kids can make a sandcastle while you go out trying the various activities.

You can even do a little shopping as you go inside the various shops and find fruits, vegetables and excellent wine.

If you want a camping site that has the beach on one end and the mountains in another, you should go camping in Les Pêcheurs in Côte d’Azur. Because it is so central, you can take a drive in any direction and engage in various activities.

If you happen to go camping in Southern France, you get to enjoy the great scenery, the beaches and the fishing villages which you will not find anywhere else. If you want to do some shopping, you can go to the cities of Cannes, Monaco and St Tropez.

You may even want to take pictures in the canyon of Gorges du Verdon or visit the perfume distilleries. If you are traveling with kids, let them have some fun in the Aquatica inside the Frejus.

For those who want to go camping in the north, Brittany is an ideal place to go as you can see the rugged coastline and rocky coves. Since you can’t swim here, go south where there are long stretches of sandy beaches.

As you can see, there are a lot of nice places go to camping in France. You just have to do some research and find out what your family likes to do so you will enjoy your vacation. If you want to get a discount in any of these places, you are advised to book in advance.

How to Enjoy Camping in France

Camping is perhaps the best way to be close with nature. If you have done it in different parts of the US and want something different for a change, do this abroad and see if you can get the same experience while camping in France.

When you go camping, it is only natural that you bring the equipment from your home to the campsite. But if are going to cross the Atlantic to do that, it will probably be better to rent some of the equipment rather than bringing these along in your carry on luggage.

One of the most important things you will have to rent is the tent. Once you get it, read the instructions and practice setting it up a few times so you won’t have any problems doing this later on. This will allow you to do it without any difficulty when you arrive at the campgrounds in the later afternoon or after dark.

Also check the other equipment that you will be using for the trip including the flashlight, compass, knife and GPS if you are able to borrow one. These things are essential for your survival in the event that you get lost.

It will be a good idea to get all the information you need about the camp ground before deciding to go. That way, you are sure that there are different activities for you and the kids to do especially when you are staying there for a few days.

To do that, you can go online and check out the most frequented camping sites in France. You might be surprised to find out that some of the camping grounds in France are situated inside large estates or have an amusement park inside.

With that, you are sure that there are plenty of activities to do and you can even get the assistance of the organizers.

If cars are not allowed inside the campground, that means you have to walk a bit to get there. Just be sure that the distance is manageable because you will only end up exhausting yourself carrying all the gear.

When you reach the camp ground, set rules for the safety of everyone. For instance, children should not wander off alone, they should never approach animals and they must not taste or touch any of the vegetation. Everyone should also learn some basic first aid and fire safety.

Since you don’t have a stove or an open in a campsite, it is best to bring food that is easy to cook and prepare. You may not find hotdogs or burgers here but you can surely make up for that by cooking sausages, marshmallows and a few other delicacies that you can only find in France.

After camping in France for a few days, clean up and make sure all the garbage that you have made is collected and store properly. That way, your children will learn to be responsible and so that other campers who will be visiting this site in the future will also be able to enjoy it.

The purpose of camping outdoors is to get away from the everyday comforts and be close to nature. By doing some planning, you will be able to enjoy that even if you decide to go camping in France.

How to Buy a Tent for Camping in France

Camping in France is very different when you sleep in a mobile home compared to a tent. This is because in the mobile home, you get the amenities similar to what you have back home. If you want the simple life and sleep on the ground, you need to have a tent. So you get the best value for your money, you have to know how to buy the right tent.

Tents come in different sizes and shapes. When you are buying one, choose based on the weather conditions where you will be camping. For camping in moderate elevations, you can buy a three season tent but if you are will be camping in high elevation, you should get a 4 season tent.

You should also consider how many people are going on the camping trip because tents can hold 2, 3 and 4 people. Naturally, tents that are able to hold more heads are more expensive and this could each close up to $700.

Aside from how many can sleep inside the tent, also consider how much equipment you will be keeping inside when you go to bed.

When you go shopping for a tent, get a brand that is well established in the industry. Some brands worth checking out include Kelty, Marmot Mountain, Mountain Hardware, North Face and Sierra Designs. Aside from seeing it in specialty stores, you can get more information about what each one has by visiting their websites.

That way, you sure that the tent will not be blown away if the wind is too strong or that water will not enter if it rains very hard.

The only way that can happen is if the tent is made of strong materials. The fabric should be made either of nylon or polyester. Between the two, polyester is better since it can withstand UV rays. It should also be breathable so it is not too hot or too cold inside and of course waterproof so you won’t get wet if it rains.

Since most tents have poles to keep it upright, be sure that this is made of aluminum or fiberglass. You can ask the sales assistant about this or read the label which should mention the tent material specifications.

You can find tents for camping in sporting goods store or online. But if you want to test it, you are better off seeing it in person. Should the price be a bit expensive, see if someone on the web is selling it for a more affordable price.

One thing you will notice when looking at the different kinds of tents available is that there are trade-offs between each one. For instance, taller tents although comfortable are not that wind resistant. Shorter tents that can withstand strong winds and are warmer inside may make you feel claustrophobic.

You just have to weigh the pros and cons of each one and then decide which one is best for your camping trip.

Whatever design you decide to bring along for your camping in France, be sure to practice setting it up so you won’t have any problems even when you arrive in the camp ground after dark. If you are doing this for the first time or have other things to bring along and there is not enough space, see if you can borrow one instead.

How to Buy a Sleeping Bag for Camping in France

Once you have found a tent for your camping in France, the next thing you have to buy is a sleeping bag. This is because tents don’t come with that and if you don’t invest in a good one, you will not be able to sleep very well at night.

There are 6 things you have to look for when are looking for a sleeping bag namely size, shape, warmth, fabric, weight and price.

If you are the one who is going to use the sleeping bag, naturally this should fit you. There should be room enough for you to lie on your back and also be comfortable if you move to your side.

The next thing you have to consider is the shape of the sleeping bag. These days, you can find them in mummy or tapered shape, one that is narrower at the bottom or the most common which is the shape of a rectangle.

Of the three shapes, the best is the mummy or tapered shape sleeping bag because it provides the most warmth and it is the least bulky when you are packing it with the rest of your gear.

Speaking of warmth, there is no standard set in the industry. This depends on the manufacturer but to give you an idea, if it is given a 3 star, the sleeping bag is good for you use only during the summer. If you go camping during the winter, it is best to buy a 4 star rating sleeping bag.

What makes the sleeping bag warm is the material. Some sleeping bags are made using goose down that is a natural fiber. The only problem with this fabric is that it is very uncomfortable to use when it is wet. It also takes a long time before it dries. Your option then will be a sleeping bag that uses synthetic fills.

The sleeping bag is not the only thing you will carry when you go camping. So when shopping for a sleeping bag, make sure that this weighs at least 6 pounds or less.

When you are shopping for a sleeping bag, consider also the outer shell. Ideally, this should be moisture resistant as this keeps out dampness. The problem with this is that it also keeps the moisture in. If you happen to sweat easily, better get a sleeping bag made of a cotton exterior.

It is best to also get one that has a dark color because this keeps the sleeping bag warm during cold days and dries more quickly.

The last thing to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag is the price. If you around, you can find one for less than $60 while more durable ones will be the hundreds of dollars. For people who camp regularly, better buy one for long term use.

Now that you know what to look for when you buy a sleeping bag, there are two things you have to do when you use it.

First, after a good night’s sleep, open the bag so you can let the air go out. If the weather is good, spread it out and lay this on top of your tent.

Second, after using it on a camping trip, hang it using clamps or leave it folded loosely as this will help it last longer and ready for your next adventure.

You will sleep much better if you are able to buy a good sleeping bag and it doesn’t matter if you are camping in France or just in your backyard.

How to Buy a GPS unit for Camping in France

France is a very big place and sometimes looking at a map is not enough to get you to your location. This is why you should invest in a GPS unit while you are camping in France.

GPS stands for global positioning satellite. Since there are various models now in the market, it is best to know what is involved in buying it.

Perhaps the most important thing to ask yourself when you are planning to buy a GPS unit is to decide how much you are willing to pay for it The more expensive it is, naturally the more features it has but sometimes just the basics is what  you need.

Your GPS unit must be portable and lightweight so you won’t have a hard time carrying it when there are also other things inside your backpack

So it is easy to look at, get one that has a large screen. Although this will cost more compared to other units, most models are touch screen that are easier to use compared to the push button version.

When looking for a GPS unit, see to it that this has a high sensitivity receiver that can give your position even in heavily forested or steep terrain.

Get one that also has audible directions. With that, you will know how many yards are left before you have to turn or what to do if ever you miss a turn.

Although most GPS units already come with a built in map, the most important feature in buying one is its ability to be uploaded with new maps. If in the course of uploading you find out that there is not sufficient memory, don’t worry because replacing this with a bigger SD card is all that it takes.

The only place to find GPS units with this and other specifications will be to go to a sporting goods store or online. Some of the known brands worth considering include Garmin, Magellan and Tomtom.

These days, you may not even have to buy a GPS unit when some of the new mobile phones already have this built into the unit.

Before you buy a unit, test it so you can see if it is really user-friendly. Following some basic instructions given by the sales assistant can already give you an idea so pay attention.

It is sometimes hard to buy a GPS unit when you are out shopping alone. If you are in this situation, bring along a friend or a family member who understands what you really need when you go camping.

You should not rush buying a GPS unit if you are still not sure which one you want to buy. Go to other stores but before you do that, make sure you jot down the brand and model number of the unit and check out other models.

It would not hurt to also check online since such gadgets usually have reviews that are written by experts and ordinary folk. While searching, you may even notice that buying online will save you some money rather than buying it at the store.

Buying a GPS unit is going to be very useful when you go camping in France. Given that it is portable and lightweight, you are sure to find your way to the campground and back if ever you guys decide to go on a hike.

How to Gather Needed Information about Camping in France

If you are planning to go camping in France, you must make sure that you know essential facts about the place and about what you will be getting into before you commit to the idea. This is especially true if this is your first time to visit the place or if you are new to this kind of adventure. But how do you start the process of getting to know more about the place, what to do and how to enjoy your quest?

Check Out the Web

The Internet is known as a vast resource of information. You can also utilize this to get to know more about your plans so that you will be able to enjoy not only the outcome but also the process. You only have to type in what you want to know about on popular web search engines and you will have many options as to how you can go about the course.

When you use the Internet for this kind of research, you can gather a lot of information even if you will only allot little time in the process. You can start by reading websites that handle topics specifically about this. You can also opt for personal blogs wherein the authors share their first hand experiences when they went into this kind of trip. You can look over their photos or uploaded videos. You will certainly feel inspired as to what you can do when you have pursued your plans of going to France to camp.

Read Your Mails

You are maybe used to the marketing materials being sent out by various companies on your mails. If you are the type who do not look at the mails but instead throw them out the instant you knew what they are, hold yourself a bit before you continue doing so. Look into travel brochures or catalogues that may be included in your mail. These materials can give you exact details as to what you want to know about, like where to go, how much it would cost and who do you contact in case you want to reserve a camping site.

These kinds of information can also be gathered on the internet. But if you already have the marketing materials about the topic, you should read them all and browse through all the papers. There are companies that give out discounts and other freebies, and they usually include such promos and offers on materials like brochures and catalogs.

Have a Look at the Library

It may sound old school, but you may also want to check out your local library for the materials that they have about the matter. It will also be better if you will start learning few French words. This way, when you have reached your destination, it will be easier to locate where you are really going because you will be able to ask people for directions and other matters that may be important to you the moment you are already in France.

Ask Around

While reading about the subject can really be informative, it will be for the best if you will find people who already have experienced such things. They can guide you as to the right camping grounds. They can also assist you in packing for what you should bring. And they can recommend to you other activities that you should experience and enjoy while camping in France.

Holiday Camping In France

The holidays are always a good time to go camping. And what more exciting is planning a holiday camping experience in France. The country is filled with thousands of campsites where you can enjoy a camping of a lifetime. Not to mention that France is a romantic and beautiful country to begin with so what you will experience is a double treat really: the great outdoors plus the scenic and picturesque landscape of France.

Camping is a totally different experience most especially for people who have been outside or people that have been too accustomed to hotels, inns, or bed and breakfast places. The open space, the chilling air, the trees, shrubs, and night sky are just a few of the perks that one enjoys when camping out. This is something that most camp “purists” recognize as one of the best things that cannot be rivaled by any hotel.

The freedom to move about is something that cannot be replicated by any hotel. This is also probably the reason why some camp managers would establish camp sites filled with hotel-like amenities. These sites are geared towards people that want to enjoy the great outdoors but at the same are unable to survive without specific amenities.

The holidays are a great time to go camping in France. Although you might be greeted with full campsites don’t feel down since there are other campsites where you can go to. There are more than 10,000 campsites scattered all over France. If the first place you went to is full chances are there would be another campsite nearby which could turn out to be more rewarding that your first choice. One way to have a sure selection of campsites is by getting a guide of the area. A good book or travel guide will show you a selection of campsites.

Now with the selection of campsites covered, the next steps you will need is to prepare the things for camping. Camping in France, more often than not, usually involve some wine especially when the campsite in a nearby vineyard. There are times when campsite owners will give away wine straight from their vineyard or include them in the campsite fees.

Despite the camping fees, more and more people are beginning to prefer the camping or outdoor experience since it is still cheaper that getting hotel rooms. This is true especially if you will be traveling with a large group or with your family members. Holiday rates in hotels are pretty expensive as well.

The campsites all over France offer a pretty great alternative for vacationers who want to visit different parts of France with just the minimum of expense. Plus, camping is a great experience to share with your family. You kids might not have had any camping experience before this which makes the trip more memorable. Just think about it, your kids’ very first camping experience is in France. That is a story worth telling to their grandchildren.

Holiday camping in France is a rewarding experience. It is not that difficult either if you plan carefully. Make sure to have camping guides with you as reference materials. Be comforted with the fact that the camping industry in France is well organized enough that you won’t experience that too much of a problem despite the country being a destination of Brits, Dutch, Americans, and other foreigners.

It is one of the more popular camping ground in the world, after all.

Getting The Most Out Of Camping In France

France is filled with lots of campsites, and when I say a lot I mean literally thousands of camping grounds scattered in every scenic area, from the coastlines to the rolling hillsides and stretching valleys. Getting the most out of a camping experience in France takes not only careful planning but also a real appreciation of the great outdoors.

Campsites in France range from the first star rated to the four star rated camping grounds. The number of stars of the campsite rating reflects how much amenities and services available to campers. The higher the star rating the more luxurious the campsite is. Luxurious campsites have swimming pools, beautiful landscaped gardens, unique restaurants, and other amenities at par with those you can find in top rated hotels.

If you like to take the most of the camping experience, it would be best to consider if you would go in France during the peak months of July and August. The weather during these two months is considered the optimum condition in terms of camping which is the reason why people flock to various campsites all over the country. But if you want to avoid the rush of campers and the possibly full campsites, you might want to schedule your camping trip a month before the peak period or the month after.

Or you could book early and reserve camping accommodations so you can go during the peak months. Or if you find the known areas too touristy, you can search for smaller and less known campsite in France and enjoy the old countryside, the vineyard, the wine, and the culture of rural France.

To give you an idea of what you can see in France imaging for a while the magnificent and charming view of the Alps and Pyrenees. If you’re camping more in the valley or down in the farm country, what you’ll see are old trees with wide branches covering the cool flowing mountain rivers. In the west you have the bigger Loire and Dordogne tributaries.

The coastlines of Frances like in the Straits of Dover, Brittany peninsulas and the Bay of Biscay are great destinations for campers as well. The unique, culturally rich towns and villages along the coasts as well as those located in land are quite a treat for campers and a visit to one of these villages should always be included in the itinerary whenever you are camping in an area.

In the southern portion of France you’ll have reasonable and yet very fashionable resorts that often have their own campsites or have some camping grounds nearby. From Le Touquet to further down the channel Normandy, you’ll find some basic and well-equipped campsites. The coastal resorts not only offer campers a great seaside experience but the food in and around the areas are just superb and is definitely a must try for all visitors of the region.

You’ll find some small resorts like the St Aubin and St Valery-en-Caux which have fairly big and four star rated campsites. The twin resorts of Trouville and Deauville also offer several campsites where vacationers can relax and have fun. Other great sceneries in France that is worth to mention include the medieval walled town of St Malo, La Baule with its magnificent beach, the charming Bénodet, and the busy fishing port of Concarneau.

Getting the most of the camping experience in France lies on how well you prepare, your particular preferences, and how much you want to enjoy. Everything is all up to you.

Nature has been very kind to France and enjoying what the country has to offer lies on the camper himself.

Finding The Best Campsite In France

With literally thousands of campsites in France, it would be a good question to ask where the best place to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. However, despite the intimidating numbers finding the best campsite in France is not actually that difficult. All you need is to look for reviews of known campsites and ask for recommendations from people who have actually gone camping in France.

Be aware though that the best campsites are not just the commercially and commonly known ones. You’ll find a couple of smaller sites that have quite unique appeal. You will eventually find the right campsite that will fit your specific needs with a little patience and hard research.

Probably one of the more popular campsites is the Romarins, Èze. Nestled in the hills near Monaco you will have a great view of the coast from your tent. The rosemary and olive trees add to the ambiance. If you’re looking for a camping place that have amenities like swimming pools and other forms of entertainment, then the Romarins is not the campsite for you. When you pitch your tent here, what you will enjoy is the quietness and calmness of nature.

Another good place is the Les Ormes, St. Étienne de Villeréal. This is a campsite that has more class with rattan loungers and a designer pool. The site is patterned from a famous and high class tent hotel so don’t be surprised to find some comfortable spring beds. This campsite is famous for its vineyards that looked pretty much like the pictures you see in travel books. You’ll find some castles and paper mills as backdrops during camping. And of course, the wine is made from sauvignon and semillon grapes at Château Monbazillac.

If you want a more seascape view, then the camp in Les Criques de Porteils in Argelès-sur-Mer would suit you just fine. Located on the Mediterranean, south of Perpignan, it has lots of wide spreading trees that keeps the campsite well hidden from passersby in the nearby road. To add to the charisma of the place are the old Franco-Spanish buildings and the Catalan street signs. You can see three beaches which are exclusively reserved for campers. You can also find a diving school nearby.

A totally different feel is the agricultural ambiance of Domaine le Poteau in Castlenau d’Auzan. In this campsite you’ll hear the tractors passing by instead of the waves arriving at the shore line. The campsite is situated in Gers’ bountiful wine producing country. You’ll find a vineyard near the campsite and the area itself is surrounded by a garden of small shrubs and trees. Another great appeal of the campsite is the covered communal dining area where the owners often prepare meals for their guests and serve white wine from their vineyard.

Another similar camping experience is the one in Lacave. The farm camping experience in this site is another great experience. With the River Ouysse flowing past the farmhouse and under a canopy of walnut and poplar trees, the site is a great place for a hike. You’ll find a tightrope bridge there which leads to the woods for a refreshing hike.

There’s one thing that you should carefully look for when you find the best campsite in France that fits your needs. And that is the price. Yes, more often than not, campsites in France charge feeds for adults and children campers alike.

So carefully look at the advertised price so you can weigh your choices and prepare for the expenses.

Ethics You Should Practice While Camping in France

Camping is a great recreational activity and each experience is always different from the last. In order to preserve the beauty of the place, there are some ethics you have to practice even while camping in France.

When you camping similar to staying in a hotel, remember that you are a guest. So before you get there, plan ahead and prepare everything that you need. You should also abide by the rules and regulations set at the campgrounds as this is for the safety of everyone there.

You can’t help but sometimes get lost when you go camping. Instead of marking where you made a turn by using paint or flagging, bring a compass instead or bring along a device that is more high tech like GPS.

Setting up camp should always be done on durable surfaces specifically dry grass, gravel, rock or snow. If the area has been designated as a campsite, leave it just the way it is since alternation is not necessary. You can do your share of protecting riparian areas by camping at least 200 feet from lakes and streams.

If your group is walking or going on a hike, walk single file when the soil you are stepping on is muddy or wet. If you some interesting things like historic artifacts or historic structure, look but don’t touch. Never bring home or introduce anything new in the area.

One of the things you have to do while camping is cooking your own food and for that to happen, you have to set a campfire. Since this causes impacts on the ground, it will be a good idea to bring a long a light weight stove and a lantern or flashlight.

If you have to build fire, be sure to establish a fire ring, fire pan or mound fire. Since you also need wood, be sure to only use sticks that can be broken by hand. The following morning, make sure all the wood has been burned to ashes and then scatter it around.

When you go camping in the forest, you are entering a domain where wild animal roam. If you seem them from a distance, don’t make any attempt to follow or approach them. Since some camps in France allow you to bring your dog along, make sure it is leashes and their waste disposed of properly.

Chances are you not the only one going camping so if you see other people, be considerate and courteous. This means resting and making camp away from other groups, stepping to the downhill side of a trail when encountering pack stock and avoiding making loud noises.

When you go camping, you can’t help but produce some waste. Before you leave, don’t just leave it there but pack everything up and dispose of this properly. For human waste, dig a hole at least 6 to 8 inches deep and cover it up when finished.

For those that will be washing dishes, carry water 200 feet away from any lakes or streams. Use biodegradable soap and then scatter the strained dishwater.

Now that you know the ethics of camping, practice it. This will make the camping trip in France a memorable for you and your family as well as to whoever goes there in the future.

Do the Maths in Planning Out Your Camping in France Agenda

In travelling Europe, one of the activities that you can include on your agenda without costing you too much is camping in France. If you will dig deep about the matter and plan it accordingly, you will be able to find comfortable accommodations at prices you can afford. There are many campgrounds throughout the place. So make sure to check them out and see what fits your allotted budget and where can you go given that you would want to finish an agenda during the course of your stay at France.

The campgrounds at France are given star ratings like how it is done with hotels. Such task is being handled by the French government. This can be a very god guide for someone unfamiliar to the place. But you must not solely base your decision on the star ratings alone. This is said to be not always accurate. Some people who have experienced what they thought was a four-star campground would say that the condition of the place is mediocre. But in most cases, when you opt to those that are rated three and up, you will be treated with comfort and some even have amenities which you won't find in sites that are rated lower.

To know more about the details as to the amenities and other values that will make you choose a campground, it will be better to check them out first through research. You can search for these places online. You can even participate on online forums wherein you can meet people who have experienced camping out at their recommended sites. This way, you will be able to gauge where do you want to stay and you can ask more questions to the people participating at said forums to help you out formulate your final decision.

Allot a Budget

If you are fond of travelling and you want to experience the most out of every location you go to, you must make sure that you have enough money to spend on the venture. For the most common sites with only basic amenities, the price can be lower than 400 Euros. This already includes free electricity use. But there are also sites that charge extra 2 to 4 Euros for this purpose.

If you are fond of resorts and water activities, you might as well check out sites that are near the coasts. There are campgrounds that are fully furnished with Internet cafes, restaurants, pools, grocery stores, ATM machines and a lot more. You can also find some that are Wi-Fi ready and there are those that have medical aides and doctors always on call. In other campgrounds, you can opt to rent out grills, refrigerators, TV and tents.

This is the reason why it will be best that you know everything there is to know about the place before you head on to the location. This way, you will be able to do the Maths and prepare right amount of money that you can use while on your chosen sites. If you don't have that much to spend, it will be best if you can find the kinds of campgrounds that offer fewer features but where you can also have the time of your life.

You may also want to avoid the peak season for tourists when it comes to camping in France because this is where it is at its most expensive. The season falls on July and August.

Camping In France, Details You Ought to Know

France is short on being called a camping haven. With the great weather and numerous campsites in the country, more than 10,000 in fact, it is certain that you can locate your ideal camping ground here. From beautiful coastal sites to majestic and pristine mountain campsite, France has a lot to offer campers around the world.

From Europeans to Africans, from Americans to Asians, the vast number of tourist campers the go to France during the camping season shows how much they love the combination of rich natural resources and cultural heritage of the French camping scene. But there are a few things when camping in France, some details the campers ought to know.

Of course, if you’re a foreigner always bring the travel documents with you. Always carry with you your passport, insurances, and various identification cards. Be aware the campsites in France are pretty much like hotels where you booked and pay for your stay. Now identification would be required during these situations so it is imperative that you have something to show. If you will be renting a car, make sure you have your driving license and make certain that the car is well equipped with the necessary safety gadgets and devices like a warning triangle which is required by French law.

Speaking of French law, that’s another things that you should get yourself well acquainted. There will be some restrictions and guidelines that campers will have to follow when they pitched their tents in France. So familiarize yourself. It would be great if you could buy a camping guide since some guides will give you a run down of what and what not to expect from your camping experience in France.

The more popular sites in France is Normandy and Brittany but don’t think that they are the best ones the country has to offer. Depending on your taste, there are thousand others to choose from. Do your research including asking your pals or friends about their camping experiences in France. Take note that since these areas are the more popular ones, expect a lot of people especially during the July to August peak months. Explore inwards, towards the country’s farm campsites where vineyards and valleys with deep rivers flow.

A must try is the food. Another mental note that you should take is the fact that almost every region in France have their own specialties. Don’t leave unless you have tried their food. From seafood dishes to crepes, from pies to local cheeses, camping in France include enjoying the food. So get out of your tent and dig in.

As mentioned earlier, going inland will give you a closer look at the vast vineyards the line up the French countryside. You can have wine cellar tour if your campsite is nearby and have a taste of the various kinds of French wine, which are often famous around the world.

July and August are the peak months so it would be best to schedule a camping trip say between June to August. The camping season officially ends in September because the weather changes. The mid year is the best time to go camping because the weather during this time is just splendid, not too warm or too cold.

These are just a few of the details that you ought to know when you are preparing a camping trip to France. Although some might appear to be too unrealistic or too rigid, some are actually quite commonsensical and needs no further explanation.

But I do feel that in the rush to go an enjoy camping people tend to forget a couple of the important stuff.

Camping In France Without Breaking The Bank

If you first take a look at it, you will think that France is not really the cheapest place to camp. I can see why you think so. France’s camping scene is pretty much well organized. You’ll find campsites that pretty much resemble expensive hotels. In fact, campsites have their own star ratings with the number of stars increases as the number of amenities and extra services increase. However, don’t be fooled by quite expensive camping facilities.

These are the more luxurious ones and do not represent the actually camping scene in France. In fact, it is absolutely possible to have a camping in France experience without you breaking the bank. All you need is a good search of the thousands of available campsites all over France and you will find a perfect camping ground that suits your needs and fit your budget requirements.

But the cost of the campsite is not the thing that you will have to consider when you go to France. Of course, the very first thing to look for is a budget airfare which will actually take to the country. You’ll find that the cheapest tickets are the ones that are booked months in advance. Some airlines might offer budget fares as well as group reservations and airline bookings. It is quite unfortunate, or in some cases it is really fortunate, that tickets are also pretty much cheaper during the peak tourist seasons like the holidays.

The next item to skim off some expense would bee the camp itself. Like what have been mentioned earlier, depending on what you want campsites can cause nothing to something as costly as checking into a hotel room itself. To avoid inconveniences, you could book in advance once you find the campsite you like. However, you can have an added adventure if do not call to reserve or arrange camping accommodations. Well if you’re traveling alone or with a partner, it might be fun to just go in a place in France, check the campsites and just move on if you find the area too crowded for your liking.

One other way to save some of your cash is to bring your own camp gear. Pack as much gear as you can and as you need, of course. If you buy the gear in France, you might get into shock from the price tags they carry. If you have the necessary gear then bring them along. So these include tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and flashlights.

Prepare all your gear and check your packs before you depart to see if you have left some things behind. Even small items like batteries and even socks should be brought with you. Not only will these small items save you some money but it will also save you time from going back and forth in camping or outdoor shops in France to get what you still need.

Camping in France is a fairly good alternative for tourists to visit the country. Imagine having to walk along France’s wonderful beaches and get to see acres of vineyards and picturesque mountain scenes through more than half the price of staying in hotels in the cities. France offers a much relaxing lifestyle outside the busy city streets in the great outdoors.

Visiting and camping in France without breaking the bank is absolutely possible. It has been done before by numerous campers ahead of you so I don’t see why you and your family can’t.

Camping In France The Caravan Way

When you weight the circumstances, camping around France is much comfortable if you go with a caravan or motor home instead of hitch hiking and pitching tents on the campsites. With proper care, you can be sure to have more camping experience in France via the caravan way. The caravan can still be of good use for several years provided that you keep it well maintained. You can get the basic package from your motor home dealer and customize or find what you need from your camping shop.

The good thing about camping in France is the availability of space. There numerous campsites all over the country and some of them accommodate motor homes. You might have to check which sites allow caravans as well as the available services and amenities in the campsite for your mobile home. Whether the campsite is located in-land surrounded by trees and vineyards, or whether your mobile home faces the calm seas, camping in France is an experience that you will never forget.

One of the advantages of having a caravan or motor home is the increase mobility. If you don’t like the place you can easily drive away and look for another one to your liking. Along the way, you can visit famous landmarks and enjoy various scenic routes. Having a caravan is also chance for you to get back and bond once more to nature especially if you have been sitting behind the desk for a couple of years now.  The comfort and style being provided by the mobile home or caravan is a far too different from the gung-ho attitude of pitching your own tent inside a campsite. You’re practically enjoying the benefits of two worlds here. The great outdoors and the comfort gained from the amenities and features of the mobile home.

With the mobile home, you can have your family travel with you during your trip to France. The caravan, however, might experience some problems with a large family. Despite the relatively large living area, it cannot be helped if everyone inside the caravan begins to quarrel. Your family might be more than enough for the small space of your caravan. You can create some outdoor activities where the whole family would participate. The good thing about choosing a mobile home to tour and camp around France is the closeness that develops between family members after the trip.

There are also a number of campgrounds where mobile homes or caravans can park. Depending on the campsite, campers would get to enjoy various forms of entertainments. From a quiet park where campers can relax and rejuvenate to camp grounds have singing, dancing and lots of social interactions with fellow campers.

When asked about the costs of having a caravan or mobile home the answer usually varies. There people who travel a lot or would like to go on a country wide trip. For them investing on a mobile home would be the best idea. In the long run, you can save some money from cooking in your caravan or mobile home. Instead of spending on travel accommodations, you bring your own while you tour the country.

Camping in France the caravan way is a good option. It is not everyday that you need to drag your tent and other camping equipment to a campsite. The versatility, comfort and even the affordability of a caravan is within your grasp.

It is a decision that you have to think about carefully.

Bedding Essentials when Camping in France

When camping in France, as much as you want to enjoy the trip, you should also think of ways on how you can get the most out of the experience. You should plan ahead what you must and must not bring along on your journey. Your best resort when it comes to planning is by asking tips and advices from those who have tried such experience.

If you do not know anyone who had done it, you can always check out the World Wide Web for personal blogs wherein people relate their experiences and even share pictures and videos of such. You may also want to check out forums that deal with the topic to learn more about the place. You could also meet people at such venues that have wide experience about what you want to know about.

Star Quality and Ratings

In France, camping is a definite must see and must do especially for people who love this kind of activity. You can do it on your own. But it will be more fun and memorable if you will bring friends or family along with you. If you are tight on budget, you should not think about going along with the plan at the peak season for this activity in this place, which falls on July and August. The campgrounds at these months become more expensive because there are usually more amenities available for campers.

Why does camping a must-try adventure? France is known for this kind of activity. Actually, their campgrounds are being rated like hotels. The government gives these sites star ratings. The ones that get four or five stars are comfortable and may even border as to being luxurious. But as a camper, you must not solely rely on the ratings alone for your decision.

This is where you can use the research that you have done about the sites and about people's experiences regarding this kind of adventure. There are some people who will tell you that a three or four-star rated campground is not as good as it seemed to be. So it is really vital for you not to skip with the research part to be able to enjoy everything even if you have only allotted little budget for the quest.

Budget Reminders

If camping is part of your travel agenda, you must pack the essentials on your luggage beforehand. This way, when you arrive at the campsite, you no longer need to buy things like toothbrush, scissors, can opener, sun block creams and other things that are easy to carry and are also essential during camping.

When it comes to a good night's rest, here are some of the things that you must already have with you. This way, you no longer need to spend additional costs to the overall amount that you have allotted for this activity.

1. Tent. This will serve as your protection against the heat, rain and any occurrences that the weather may bring. You must bring tent stakes with you to make sure that you will be able to make it stand strong during your stay.

2. Sleeping bag. You should bring something that you are comfortable laying into. This way, you are assured of good rest whenever you are trying to get one.

3. Headrest. You can opt for inflatable pillows. But to make your luggage lighter when camping in France, you can also use folded towels or shirts for this purpose.

A Family Camping Experience In France

Experiencing France for the first time is something a family should do. Touring the main cities and seeing the known landmarks can be quite a memorable experience but what a more exciting one awaits you outside the busy streets of the urban landscape. A family camping experience in France is a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and at the same time get a chance to see France in a whole different light.

The country’s rural landscape, the scenic vineyards, valleys, beaches and mountain landscapes can give your family the perfect holiday memory that will last them a lifetime.

Bringing your whole family to France for a holiday camping trip can be quite tricky. This is especially true when you’re working under a budget. This means looking for various means to shave off the expenses. You need to plan the trip in advance to get discounted airline tickets. The early planning will also help you find a good campsite and will give you some time to book or reserve camp accommodations if needed.

Some campsites in France do require advance bookings especially the more popular ones which have a limit to the number of campers in the site. Nonetheless, there are other smaller and more personal campsites scattered in France so I do believe that you won’t fail in getting a campsite for your family.

Probably the best way to come about selecting a campsite is to decide on where in France you would actually like to visit. Brittany for example has several great campsites that offer discounted prices for family campers and tourists alike. So you have to talk among yourselves and select an area in France where you want to go.

This is a family trip so it would be best to arrive at a family consensus so the experience becomes more worthwhile and memorable. You don’t want any bickering happening during your vacation so before you set out make sure everyone is happy with the selected place.

After you determine where to go, it would be not the best time to finalize the best time to actually fly to France and enjoy a holiday of camping. The months from May to September are usually the open season for campsites in France with July and August being the most ideal time because of the wonderful weather during these two months. You’ll find more entertainment and attractions open in these two months so if you want a quieter vacation for your family you might want to book earlier or even during September.

When you set out to France, be sure to bring your camping gear with you although, some campsites do have camping facilities including tents or similar camping accommodations. So it would be best to ask the campsite for details regarding the facilities and services being offered so you would know the specific camping gear and equipment to bring. If you do opt on a campsite that offers the bare necessities then it is recommended that you bring all your gear with you. Camping equipment can be quite expensive in France especially during the peak season.

A family camping experience in France is something that you can tell stories of to your grandchildren. It is definitely a great and unique experience. It is a good vacation trip and it is certain, with proper planning, your whole family will enjoy.